Smart Robot Workshop (Gesture/App/Mobile Controlled) - Bangalore - 23 Feb 2019

Workshop on Smart Robot ( Gesture / Voice / App Controlled ) - Bangalore - 23 February 2019

The workshop helps participants to understand the concepts and applications of an accelerometer sensor, microcontrollers and other electronic components used in Robotics, you will build a Voice and gesture controlled Robot that can be controlled through voice commands and gesture movement . You will also build an Android App which will understand your voice commands and control the Robot to perform specific tasks via Bluetooth. You will learn about Speech Recognition, basics of Android App Development, Bluetooth Communication and Microcontroller Programming as part of the project.It includes practical training on building robots based on gesture and voice recognition technology

Why Avian?

Government of India Recognised Start-Up

Tutors with years of research experience

Trained more than 20,000 students in the last 7 years of operation

Established 5 research labs in the various south Indian institutions

Workshops and Course content prepared based on industry practices and requirements

Bridge the gap between theoretical concepts learned in college and industry practices

Basic to advanced workshops offered

Program Details

Introduction to Embedded systems
Understanding Microcontrollers
Selection of microcontroller
Introduction to Microcontrollers and Arduino
Programming basics for Arduino- Embedded C
App Development using MIT App Inventor
Experiments and Testing
Real time Project Ideas
Arduino Uno
Arduino Uno USB Cable
Accelerometer ADXL335 Sensor
Bluetooth Module
L293D Motor Driver Circuit
DC motors
Wheels for Motors
Connecting Wires
Battery Connectors
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