Gesture Controlled Robot - Bangalore - 2 October 2018

Workshop on Gesture Controlled Robot

The workshop program for Gesture Controlled Robot is an approach towards student-centric, strategic learning based on individual problem solving methods. The program brings together the concept of Robots including application of microcontrollers, arduino, real time project, testing and application .The program promotes research based learning with self analysis of all of the science behind Gesture Controlled Robot.

Why Avian?

Government of India Recognised Start-Up

Tutors with years of research experience

Trained more than 17,000 students in the last 7 years of operation

Established 5 research labs in the various south Indian institutions

Workshops and Course content prepared based on industry practices and requirements

Bridge the gap between theoretical concepts learned in college and industry practices

Basic to advanced workshops offered

Program Details

Introduction to robotics, history, types, classifications, applications
Fabrication and Assembly of Robot
Introduction to Embedded Systems, Embedded Programming
Arduino Hardware, Programming & Debugging , Some basic programs in Arduino
Programming motors using Arduino and Motor Driver
Communication protocols, Introduction to Bluetooth
Introduction to MPU6050 Sensors
Final programming, Debugging and Testing
Ideas on further development, applications of gesture controlled robotic systems
Career and Research Opportunities
NOTE : NO Takeaway Kits (FREE Takeaway kit for team of 5 persons)
Robot Chassis
Motor Driver
Bluetooth Module
Arduino Uno/Nano
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