Workshop on Rubber Powered Flapping Wing MAV / Ornithopter - 27 Jan 2019 - IIT, Kharagpur

Workshop on Drone Technology - IIT Kharagpur - Springfest 2019

Avian Aerospace in association with Spingfest 2019 - IIT Kharagpur is organizing the workshop on Rubber Powered Flapping Wing MAV / Ornithopter.This workshop introduces the students to the ideas behind flapping flight. The workshop is designed to inform the students about the principles of flight, mechanism behind achieving the flapping flight etc.., Flapping wing vehicles have become a very serious research topic primarily because of its potential military and civilian applications.


IIT, Kharagpur


The registration done through the link provided is only for the workshop and not for springfest. If anyone is wanting accomodation, they have to register separately for springfest.

Why Avian?

Tutors with years of research experience

Trained more than 17,000 students in the last 7 years of operation

Established 5 UAV research labs in the various south Indian institutions

Workshops and Course content prepared based on industry practices and requirements

Bridge the gap between theoretical concepts learned in college and industry practices

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Program Details

Introduction to UAVs, History, classifications
Introduction to UAVs Evolution and Classification
Basic principles behind flight of birds
Basics of flapping wing Vehicles
Aerodynamics of flapping flight
Structural design, Material selection
Design of flapping wing mechanism
Tail design
Flight dynamics
Fabrication and fine tuning
Pre-flight checks
Field trials of the fabricated MAV
Advanced concepts in MAVs
Full Rubber powered orithopter kit per head
Basic tools will be provided
Individual Certificates will be provided
Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur
Coordinator Contact Details : 7427933888