Virtual Training on Micro Ornithopter



What is the course about

Virtual Training on Micro Ornithopter is a free of cost, virtual hands-on training program meant to introduce Biomimmetic Aerial Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Technology. This Virtual Training includes the basic aspects of designing, flight dynamics of bird flight aerodynamics principles, communication systems, sensor and autopilot system, fabrication, assembly, pre-flight checks, test flights and maintenance of drones. The program provides free live training for the kit purchased from our e-commerce platform-

Whats holding you back

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What will you learn

  • Introduction to aeronautics and UAVs
  • History of UAVs
  • Classification of UAVs, MAVs
  • Importance of Aeromodelling
  • Impact on Aerospace Industry
  • Principles of bird flight
  • Basics of flapping wing vehicles
  • Aerodynamics of flapping flight
  • Structural design, Material selection
  • Design of flapping wing mechanism
  • Gear Box and tail design
  • Fabrication and fine tuning
  • Pre flight checks
  • Basics of Flying
  • Application and trends

Materials included

  • FREE Training
  • Full Kit
  • Live hands-on session
  • Discounts for future programs/ purchase
  • E-Certificate with Unique Certificate Number and QR Code