Workshop on Smart Homes



What is the course about

Workshop on Smart Homes teaches to build a complete automated system with modules that controls home appliances like light, fan, coffee machine. The program covers hands-on training with sensors and actuators for electrical circuit control, embedded system controllers with wireless network architectures like WiFi, LoRaWAN, micro-controller programming, system integration with NodeMCU, Raspberry Pi, cloud computing, data logging and data analytics, UX/UI design (android application) and system testing.

Whats holding you back

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What will you learn?

  • IOT introduction
  • IoT system components
  • IoT architecture and protocols
  • Emerging trends and opportunities in IoT
  • Introduction to microcontrollers- Node MCU
  • Sensor and actuators
  • User Interface- Mobile App
  • Cloud Computing- Data logging and analytics
  • System Integration and Testing
  • IoT applications


Materials Included:

  • In-house training
  • Take away Kit
  • Hands-on session
  • Offers for future programs/ kit purchase
  • Certificate with Unique Certificate Number and QR Code