Workshop on Spider BOT



What is the course about

Workshop on Spider Robot (Quadraped) is a hands-on training program that teaches concepts of biomimmetic robotics. This program covers locomotion study of four-legged robots, gait analysis, chassis and limb assembly, servo motor working principles, embedded systems, Arduino programming, wireless communication protocols, Android App development, system integration and robot testing.

Whats holding you back

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What will you learn?

  • Introduction to Legged Robots
  • Quadrupeds- Four-legged Robots
  • Mechanical design consideration
  • Quadruped balancing and locomotion.
  • Spider Bot Gaits -Tripod, Quadruped, Pentapod
  • Chassis and Limb construction
  • Introduction to Servo control
  • Quadruped Gait algorithms
  • Arduino Programming
  • Wireless Communication Protocols
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Quadruped Locomotion programming.
  • Introduction to MIT App Inventor
  • App development for Robot control
  • Testing and fine tuning

Materials Included

  • In-house Training
  • Hands-on session
  • Free Take-away kit (for a team of 5)
  • One to One support
  • Certificate with Unique Certificate Number and QR Code