Basics of Quadcopter for Beginners

Basics of Quadcopter for Beginners Workshop

The workshop is meant to introduce the students into the world of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Technology. This workshop includes the basic aspects of designing, fabricating, assembling, flying and maintenance of these vehicles. It also covers topics on basics of Quadcopter algorithm and coding, electronics, sensors, navigation and communication systems, autopilot system etc..,

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Established 5 UAV research labs in the various south Indian institutions

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Program Details

Introduction to UAVs, History, classifications
Introduction to UAVs Evolution and Classification
Vertical Takeoff and landing Vehicle (VTOL) operating principles
Selection of different UAVs for specific applications
Principal differences between Quadcopter and other UAVs
Design Methodology, parameter selection
Propulsion systems selection, Material selection, Sizing of Quadcopter
Basics of Quadcopter Programming
Sensors, navigation and autopilot system
Electro optical payload and other sensor payloads
Fabrication of Quadcopter
Flight Trails and error rectification
Advanced real time applications of UAVs
Can be discussed